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Fluorescent Dyes

Brilliant Violet™
421 & 480

  • Combine with AF488, RR-X, & AF647 for 5-color imaging
  • Compatible with commonly used filter sets
  • Switch nuclear stain from DAPI to DRAQ5™ for additional labeling options

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Whole IgG Affinity-Purified Secondary Antibodies

"Secondary antibodies from Jackson ImmunoResearch are easy to handle, effective, very reproducible (even through batches) and have very low background. The ratio price/quantity is very good, as well as the customer and post sales services."

Tiago Mendes, Institut Pasteur de Lille

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Secondary Antibodies and Related Reagents Catalog

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White Paper

FabuLight™ - Fab Labeling primary antibodies with fluorophore-conjugated Fab anti-Fc
  • Overview
  • Example Protocol
  • Importance of sequential labeling and titrating primary vs. target antigen


Guide to Immunoglobulins Structure and Function

Immunoglobulins Structure Poster

Guide to Multiple Labeling with Secondary Antibodies

Multiple Labeling Poster

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