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Fluorescent Dyes

Brilliant Violet™
421 & 480

  • Combine with AF488, RR-X, & AF647 for 5-color imaging
  • Compatible with commonly used filter sets
  • Switch nuclear stain from DAPI to DRAQ5™ for additional labeling options

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Exhibit Schedule

JIR-E Exhibition Jackson ImmunoResearch Europe presenting Secondary Antibodies and Conjugates at Medica. Image courtesy of GAMBICA.

Jackson ImmunoResearch Europe
Exhibitions and Events

Jackson ImmunoResearch exhibits regularly at a variety of international conferences and university vendor shows. We welcome your visit and enjoy learning about your experiences with our products, areas of expertise, and any unmet secondary antibody needs you might have.

The following is a list of meetings we will attend in 2018. For more information on each society meeting, follow the links to the web pages for each meeting.

2018 European Exhibit Schedule

Meeting Details Location Dates
LS2 Logo Life Science Switzerland Annual Meeting
Arrange a MeetingBooth# 2
Lausanne, Switzerland Feb 12-13
Autoimmunity Congress Logo 11th International Congress on Autoimmunity
Arrange a Meeting
Lisbon, Portugal May 16-20
15th International Symposium on Dendritic Cells
Arrange a Meeting
Aachen, Germany Jun 11-14
EACR Logo 25th Biennial Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR)
Arrange a MeetingBooth #23
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Jun 30-Jul 3
FENS Logo 11th FENS Forum of Neuroscience
Arrange a MeetingBooth #141
Berlin, Germany Jul 7-11
ECI Logo 5th European Congress of Immunology (ECI)
Arrange a Meeting
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Sep 2-5
Medica Logo Medica 2017
Arrange a Meeting
Dusseldorf, Germany Nov 12-15

We are also pleased to sponsor the following events in 2018

Meeting Location Dates
33rd Congress of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (CYTO 2018) Prague, Czech Republic Apr 28-May 2
TOLL 2018 Porto, Portugal Jun 6-9
43rd FEBS Congress Prague, Czech Republic Jul 7-12
3rd Building the Cell Meeting Paris, France Sep 26/28
Pasteur Institute Vendor Day Paris, France

International Exhibitions

Meeting Details Location Dates
AACR Logo AACR - Amer Assoc Cancer Research
Arrange a MeetingBooth# 922
Chicago, IL Apr 15-18
EB Logo EB - Experimental Biology
Arrange a MeetingBooth# 908
San Diego, CA Apr 21-25
AAI Logo AAI - Immunology 2018
Arrange a MeetingBooth# 1027
Austin, TX May 4-8
AACC Logo AACC - Clinical Lab Expo
Arrange a MeetingBooth# 3951
Chicago, IL Jul 29-Aug 2
ICCS Logo ICCS-Int'l Clinical Cytometry Society
Portland, OR Sep 29-Oct 2
SfN Logo SfN - Society for Neuroscience
Arrange a MeetingBooth# 1737
San Diego, CA Nov 3-7
ASCB Logo Amer Society for Cell Biology
Arrange a MeetingBooth# 604
San Diego, CA Dec 8-12